Love and Care Kits: Thank you!

lovencarekitsServing foster care and adoptive families is one of the main components of Legacy Orphan Ministry at LifePoint. We want to support families participating in both the state foster care system as well as Safe Families for Children. One of the tangible ways we’re doing that is with our “Love and Care Kits” drive. Thank you so much for 70 back packs and bags you’ve already donated filled with the things children need to add a a little security and comfort as their worlds change. Below is a heartfelt response from Alaina Haerbig, a foster care mom that received a couple of Love and Care Kits for her two foster sons.

“To the person who donated gifts to my foster kids:

I don’t know if you donated at church, or at Social services, or through work. I can’t tell you directly because I don’t know how your generosity found its way to my living room. But maybe someone will share this, and you’ll see it, and you’ll know:

Thank you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness more than you can comprehend.

I can’t tell you directly that when I put on the jammies you bought, he smiled a little – something I rarely see- as he looked at himself in the mirror. I can’t send you a photo of how proud he looked and tell you how he said, (more…)

Update: Golf Tournament was Best Ever!

Thank you to everyone that participated in our 13th annual golf tournament! You donated generously, and we raised the most we’ve ever raised at a tournament: over $11,000! Praise the Lord for that. He has provided this amazing blessing to this year’s beneficiary, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We love supporting this excellent ministry!

13th Annual Golf Tournament Will Benefit Fellowship of Christian Athletes

GolfTourneyPPT-2015_12x9LifePoint Church has enjoyed the opportunity to help others through 12 annual golf tournaments and is looking forward to number 13 in just a couple of weeks! This year the beneficiary is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Carroll County.

It has been exciting to watch a young man respond to God’s call on him to leave his career and launch into full time ministry with FCA. That young man is Brandon Johnson, and he is doing a tremendous job building and growing the FCA in Carroll County. Through hundreds of players and coaches on high school and college campuses, the FCA is making a huge impact on this region. So its a privilege to support them in their mission through this golf tournament.

Please join us for a fun day of golf that helps make a difference in the lives of others!
Please register by May 4th!

The Course:  
The Links at Gettysburg (

The Schedule: 
Friday, May 8, 2015
Shotgun start: 7:30 am
Lunch and Awards Ceremony at 1:30 pm
Format: Captain’s Choice

The Participants:
Corporate Sponsor with 4 Golfers
Corporate Sponsor without Golfers
Individual Entry

Prizes for flighted foursome and other contests

For registration and more information please visit our website:

Loving Others at the Cold Weather Shelter

There’s a chill in the air. Maybe you’re like me–I love it when fall weather comes around. But that drop in temperature is not a fun thing for everyone. For people who don’t have a home, cold weather makes a hard situation even worse. Do you remember the interview with Casey McCormick we showed in church back in January? Casey decided to step out and “risk loving” homeless people right here where we live. She put her love for Jesus into action by loving others.

Its that time of year again. The Cold Weather Shelter in Westminster will be opening in November. Please take a minute to watch Casey’s interview where she describes how the shelter works and her experience there. Then email us at to get involved. There are multiple ways to help. You can volunteer at the shelter for intake one evening, or you can prepare and serve a meal, or you can donate warm winter clothing.


Shelter from the Snow

DSC05700From Joe Paschal, Outreach Pastor: 
There’s a foot of snow on the ground outside as I write this post. I’m very thankful for the warm house, clothing, car and office with which God has abundantly blessed me. When the weather is like this, I tend to feel “more thankful than usual.” A few days ago, I spent the evening at the Cold Weather Shelter. One guy said he’d been sleeping in a tent in the woods for a few nights, but he’d decided to come to the shelter this particular night. He and I continued in our conversation. We ended up discussing kindness and generosity and what the Bible says about them. He was very knowledgable and accurate in his understanding. I confess. I was surprised. He went on to say that although he shares what he has (which is food stamps), he wants to make sure he’s sharing with the right attitude because the condition of his heart is the most important thing.

At that point, I was fascinated by his desire to have the right motives and to be kind to others. I guess I was expecting him to be depressed about being homeless and blame others and “the system” for the injustices keeping him down. I said a few things to try to encourage him. However, even though he may not have known it, his words were encouraging–no, his words were challenging to me. Pretty soon, our conversation ended, and he got ready for bed and went to sleep. When the late shift crew showed up, I went home. But I have thought about that conversation many times in these last few frigid, snowy days.

Risk Love: This Month! (and every month)

RiskLove_fullbrushWe want to help LifePointers be Christlike Influencers! What does that mean? It means loving our neighbors as a normal part of our lifestyles. It’s taking the risk of reaching out to others and loving them the way Jesus did. In 2014, Local Outreach is helping us do that!

Starting this month, Local Outreach will be highlighting a serving opportunity each month with one of our local outreach partners in the community! Please join us. The first one is…

Human Services Programs of Carroll County Women’s Shelter, Family Shelter and Cold Weather Shelter.

Below is the information for the 3 shelters at which we’ll be serving.

Women and Children’s Shelter
When: Saturday, January 25, 2014
Where: Westminster Women and Children’s Shelter (exact address will be provided upon RSVP)
LifePoint Contact Person: Amy Carle

–  8:30-9 Deliver Breakfast Items 8:30-10 Prepare and Serve Breakfast*
–  9-12 Hair stylists, make up artists, manicurists needed for appointments with residents*
–  9-12 Volunteers to help staff the lounge / play with children*
–  11:30-12 Deliver lunch items
–  11:30 – 1 Prepare and Serve lunch*

*Background check is required. When you RSVP we will send the form to complete and return. Please RSVP by emailing or 410-239-4700

Family Shelter
When: Saturday, January 25, 2014
Where: Westminster Family Shelter (exact address will be provided upon RSVP)
LifePoint Contact Person: Heather Maloney

10:00-1:00pm Deep Cleaning*
–  Bring your own water and a bagged lunch/snacks
–  Dress to get dirty and bring your own buckets and rubber gloves

*Background check is required. When you RSVP we will send the form to complete and return. Please RSVP by emailing or 410-239-4700

Cold Weather Shelter
A place where the homeless in Carroll County can receive a hot meal, shower, do laundry, get clothing and an overnight stay indoors. Be part of a group of 4-6 individuals who manage the shelter. Duties include check-in, help with laundry and passing out supplies. LifePoint Church is responsible for staffing the check-in team on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays from November until the end of March. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. Interested in learning more or to see the schedule? Please email or 410-239-4700

Maximum Impact, Extremely Close: 2

Here is a post from July of 2012. Every bit as relevant today as it was then. One point to add: Don’t wait! Ask God to help you love your neighbor today! And when He gives you the opportunity, GO FOR IT!

LifePoint Church has been blessed by God with so much capacity to impact the world. Once someone asked me, “Where do you think LifePoint can make the most impact?” The context of that conversation had a global focus. Although, I do believe that God does and will continue using us to make an impact around the world, I don’t believe that is where we can make the MOST impact.

My response to the question was this: “The place where LifePoint can make the most impact is right here at home.” Why? It’s really pretty simple. Logistics. We all live here. We have well over two thousand people right here, right now that can go out into this region with the love of Jesus. Every single day of our lives, we have the opportunity right here at home to impact our neighborhoods, our places of work, our schools and every other place where we spend time with people!

At LifePoint Church, we have several Local Outreach ministries. (Please take a moment to check them out by clicking here.) We would love for you to consider getting involved in them. They’re wonderful opportunities for you to help us make that maximum impact locally. BUT don’t limit yourself to the ministries at LifePoint Church. Does that seem like a strange thing for the Outreach Pastor to say?

Perhaps. But think about it this way. God is moving in countless ways. His Spirit empowers believers to be salt and light to the world around them. There is no way one church can provide a ministry for all the ways in which God is moving.  If you feel like God is moving you towards a chance to serve your neighbor and there isn’t a ministry at church that “fits” the need, please don’t pass up the opportunity! You don’t need to start a new ministry. You don’t need to go through an “official local outreach ministry”. Just do what God is calling you to do! Share His love with your neighbor, or that person on the street, or that colleague or that friend at school.

Risk Love 2013

RiskLove_fullbrushSo the big question: When is Risk Love this year? The big answer: ALL YEAR. Sure, sure, but when is the Risk Love weekend? Answer, every weekend.

If you’ve been reading this blog or watching our Facebook since Risk Love last year, you’ve seen us write about “lifestyle of serving” and “24-7-365” over and over. We’ve posted many opportunities for serving in our community because we want to help you make this a lifestyle–a normal part of your life. In others words, not an annual event on the calendar.

So what does that mean for Risk Love this year? It means we aren’t going to have a scheduled event where you sign up online and choose a prearranged project. However, we WILL still be assisting you as your church. We will let our local partners know that they can expect calls from LifePoint attenders, especially in October this year, about service opportunities. And we will in turn, provide names and numbers to you so you can follow up with our local partners–if that is how you choose to do it.

But here’s the really cool part. Many of you don’t need us anymore! Many of you have already made serving a part of your lifestyle. You’re giving us living examples of Christlike Influencers by investing relationally and giving generously. One LifePointer who’s living it is Jim Mitchell. He’s been leading a monthly ministry to cancer patients since Risk Love last year! Read his story here (click here). And Carol Bernstein definitely understands the impact when Christlike Influencers serve. Click here to see what she has to say about serving at First Fruits Farm.

There’s no reason to wait! Start loving your neighbor today. Ask God to lead you to an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ through serving others.

Of course, there are countless other ways to serve. Check out our list of local partners by clicking here. But serving others doesn’t have to be with a ministry or organization. You probably know someone who could use your help or just a visit and a conversation over coffee. Maybe someone in your neighborhood or your small group. If you need some ideas or inspiration, email us at

Carpenter’s Hands trip to Crisfield, MD June 21 – 30

IMG_3075What are your vacation plans this summer? Ever thought of taking a week to spend it being a Christ-like Influencer by serving? Here’s a great opportunity to do that!

Carpenter’s Hands is accepting applications to serve on a week long trip to Crisfield, MD, June 21 – 30. We will work on a single family home damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The home is located on the Chesapeake Bay. Experienced carpenters welcomed, but not necessary! Work day will run approx. 8-4:00pm. We will camp on site so bring your camping gear!  Great opportunity for families to serve together. Kids 10-14 with parent; 15 and older with parental consent. Come for the entire week or several days. There will be time for crabbing and fishing. Application deadline June 7th.  Cost is $100 for ages 15 and up (10 – 14 years free).

Email questions to

Click Here for an application.

ServeFest MD 2013!

Servefest 2013 flyerHere is one of your best opportunities all year to serve the community! Bring your family, your friends and your small groups. If you liked Risk Love, you’ll definitely want to check this out! This will be a fantastic highlight event in your lifestyle of serving others–investing relationally and giving generously. Go to the ServeFest website (here) and choose the county, and then choose your project. Very nice organization. Check them out on Facebook, too. 

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