Slavery: Everyone Can End It

Slavery is a harsh reality right now for more than 40 million people. It’s unbelievable that men, women and children are being exploited and abused right now all over the world. And when you think about the broken, corrupt governments and justice systems that allow slavery to exist, it can seem impossible for one person to do anything to stop it. But when everyone does something, it makes a huge difference! And it can lead to rescue and freedom for people around the world. Here are two things EVERYONE can do:

  1. IMG_2742Take a photo of a red X on your hand today and post it to social media with the hashtag “EndItMovement”.
  2. Then, while you’re online, go over to and post a video that will go to your representatives in congress and the senate. We want our government to continue funding anti-slavery activities around the world! These videos will be a great help. Its super easy, only takes a couple of minutes, and everyone can do it!


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