Loving our Community at Thanksgiving and Christmas

RiskLove_fullbrushWe challenged everyone to serve in the month of October and to make “Risk Love” a lifestyle! We’ve heard from partners in the community like First Fruits Farm, Westminster Resuce Mission and Alpha Pregnancy Center that you responded in a big way! They were all very appreciative and encouraged.

And now, here we are at the Thanksgiving and Christmas season of 2014. Many of you are asking about places you can serve and/or give to for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. That is wonderful! There’s nothing better than to share with others in need during the holiday season. God uses it in amazing ways to help us see the world and other people the way He does–through eyes of love.

Of course, there are many opportunities. Here are just a few from some of our local ministry partners! We love them and think they are doing awesome work in our community. Also be sure to check our complete list of local partners. Feel free to contact them, too!

Alpha Pregnancy Center 410-833-7864 www.alpha-pregnancycenter.org Fourth Annual Christmas Party. Volunteer your time or purchase gifts for the kids.

New Life for Girls  410-848-1360 www.southeasternlifeforgirls.com Give-A-Girl-A-Christmas. Contact showell652@gmail.com for details and a gift buying guide.

Helping Up Mission 410-675-4357 www.helpingupmission.org Every $2.05 you give provides another complete meal, along with the opportunity to get off the streets for good in their long-term recovery shelter.

Cold Weather Homeless Shelter 410-386-6660 www.hspinc.org Volunteer at the Cold Weather Homeless Shelter or donate items. Contact Lisa Aughenbaugh laughenbaugh@hspinc.org

Shepherd’s Staff 410-847-5944 www.shepstaff.org Its getting cold! Help someone warm up by donating a coat in Shepherd’s Staff’s annual coat drive.

Remember to check our complete list of local partners, too! Click here.

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