Maximum Impact, Extremely Close: 2

Here is a post from July of 2012. Every bit as relevant today as it was then. One point to add: Don’t wait! Ask God to help you love your neighbor today! And when He gives you the opportunity, GO FOR IT!

LifePoint Church has been blessed by God with so much capacity to impact the world. Once someone asked me, “Where do you think LifePoint can make the most impact?” The context of that conversation had a global focus. Although, I do believe that God does and will continue using us to make an impact around the world, I don’t believe that is where we can make the MOST impact.

My response to the question was this: “The place where LifePoint can make the most impact is right here at home.” Why? It’s really pretty simple. Logistics. We all live here. We have well over two thousand people right here, right now that can go out into this region with the love of Jesus. Every single day of our lives, we have the opportunity right here at home to impact our neighborhoods, our places of work, our schools and every other place where we spend time with people!

At LifePoint Church, we have several Local Outreach ministries. (Please take a moment to check them out by clicking here.) We would love for you to consider getting involved in them. They’re wonderful opportunities for you to help us make that maximum impact locally. BUT don’t limit yourself to the ministries at LifePoint Church. Does that seem like a strange thing for the Outreach Pastor to say?

Perhaps. But think about it this way. God is moving in countless ways. His Spirit empowers believers to be salt and light to the world around them. There is no way one church can provide a ministry for all the ways in which God is moving.  If you feel like God is moving you towards a chance to serve your neighbor and there isn’t a ministry at church that “fits” the need, please don’t pass up the opportunity! You don’t need to start a new ministry. You don’t need to go through an “official local outreach ministry”. Just do what God is calling you to do! Share His love with your neighbor, or that person on the street, or that colleague or that friend at school.

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