Risk Love 2013

RiskLove_fullbrushSo the big question: When is Risk Love this year? The big answer: ALL YEAR. Sure, sure, but when is the Risk Love weekend? Answer, every weekend.

If you’ve been reading this blog or watching our Facebook since Risk Love last year, you’ve seen us write about “lifestyle of serving” and “24-7-365” over and over. We’ve posted many opportunities for serving in our community because we want to help you make this a lifestyle–a normal part of your life. In others words, not an annual event on the calendar.

So what does that mean for Risk Love this year? It means we aren’t going to have a scheduled event where you sign up online and choose a prearranged project. However, we WILL still be assisting you as your church. We will let our local partners know that they can expect calls from LifePoint attenders, especially in October this year, about service opportunities. And we will in turn, provide names and numbers to you so you can follow up with our local partners–if that is how you choose to do it.

But here’s the really cool part. Many of you don’t need us anymore! Many of you have already made serving a part of your lifestyle. You’re giving us living examples of Christlike Influencers by investing relationally and giving generously. One LifePointer who’s living it is Jim Mitchell. He’s been leading a monthly ministry to cancer patients since Risk Love last year! Read his story here (click here). And Carol Bernstein definitely understands the impact when Christlike Influencers serve. Click here to see what she has to say about serving at First Fruits Farm.

There’s no reason to wait! Start loving your neighbor today. Ask God to lead you to an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ through serving others.

Of course, there are countless other ways to serve. Check out our list of local partners by clicking here. But serving others doesn’t have to be with a ministry or organization. You probably know someone who could use your help or just a visit and a conversation over coffee. Maybe someone in your neighborhood or your small group. If you need some ideas or inspiration, email us at localoutreach@lifepointchurch.us

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