Almost Spring at First Fruits Farm!

wagon at first fruits farm

Here is another excellent opportunity to take the spirit of Risk Love and make part of your lifestyle–24-7-365! All ages can take part in this one–kids and adults. Your small group, your family or you and your friends. Many LifePointers have served at First Fruits Farm already. Going out to help once would be great! But since we’re always pushing you to think “lifestyle”, consider putting it on your calendar monthly!  Here’s what Carol Bernstein of First Fruits Farm has to say:

“The signs of Spring are all around us at First Fruits Farm – from the newborn calves in calf at first fruits farmthe pasture to the purple crocus flowers in the yard and the daylight stretching into evening.  Soon the ground will be warm enough to plant, and the farmers can hardly wait!!  By early April we will plant 34 acres of potatoes alone, and shortly thereafter the kale, collards, lettuce and spinach seeds will be sown.  Heeding the spiritual truth, recently reinforced in Joe’s message that the Christ-like Influencer gives generously, the farmers intend to sow abundantly with the anticipation that God will provide an abundant harvest to reap in due time.  All of the harvest at First Fruits Farm is donated to the hungry through distribution at food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters.  In 2012, the harvest amounted to over 1,200,000 lbs. of fresh produce delivered to those in need – green beans, potatoes, sweet corn,  apples, tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, cabbage…and the list goes on.  Consider serving at the farm this coming growing season.  Starting in mid-May, the need for helping hands at the farm is continuous until early November. All ages and stages are welcome at the farm, including LifePoint Small Groups, families, individuals, students, community groups, and other ministry teams.  The farm is where the community comes together to serve the hungry, make new friends, and revel in the glory of God’s creation.  Visit or our Facebook page, or email Carol at for more information about this special opportunity to serve.”

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