Hope Lodge and Influencers

Is serving part of your lifestyle? Do you remember back in October when we kept repeating “24-7-365”? That was our big push during Risk Love. And it’s still our big push! Where are you serving?

Why is this important? Well, there are obvious answers such as: Love your neighbor as yourself, and pure religion is looking after widows and orphans…and many other passages in the Bible that call us to serve the least of these. But here is another very interesting point. The Reveal Survey that LifePoint participated in shows that the most important organized church activity in getting people to grow spiritually is serving. Are you stalled in your spiritual growth? Are you in what some people call a “dry season” spiritually? Are you serving? Serving might be the key to getting you back on track spiritually.

Joe Duke preached last week about what it means to be a Christ-Like Influencer. Serving is a big part of influencing. In fact, we think it’s better to use the term influencing over serving. Are you an Influencer? You can be an influencer both inside the church and outside. We have many opportunities to influence at LifePoint Church. If you’re ready to find out more about those opportunities click here. If you’re looking for opportunities to influence people outside of the church email us at localoutreach@lifepointchurch.us

Hope Lodge is a great story of someone at LifePoint taking the lifestyle of influencing seriously.

Hope Lodge

Jim Mitchell, who you see singing on stage with the worship team from time to time, led a Risk Love project at a place called Hope Lodge. Here’s how their website describes the Hope Lodge: “Since 1987, the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge at Baltimore combines a home-like atmosphere with easy access to Baltimore medical facilities for cancer patients who have traveled from out-of-town for cancer treatments.”

For Risk Love last year, Jim led of team of LifePointers to Hope Lodge to serve dinner to the patients and their caregivers.  This gave the residents a meal they didn’t have to prepare after being in treatment all day. And then our team sat down and ate with many of the residents. This gave residents the chance to visit and talk about things other than cancer treatment. Jim has been leading a team to do this on a monthly basis since Risk Love!

Recently, a couple from South Carolina visited LifePoint Church. They left us a note on their guest registry that told us they came to see the church that made dinner for them and visited them at the Hope Lodge! So we called them and asked them to tell us more about the experience at Hope Lodge.

Pat, 73, said without people coming to visit and have dinner with them, it would be a pretty boring place. When he and his wife are there on their own, they keep it pretty simple eating canned food and such. When he’s healthy enough, they can eat out. But he said having visitors to the Hope Lodge is the highlight for him and his wife. He said sitting at the table to talk with visitors gives them a good feeling and a chance to show their appreciation for the meal.

What a great way to influence people! Are you interested? We visit Hope Lodge every third Thursday evening of the month.  For more information about being part of this ministry, contact Jim Mitchell at jmitch1@us.ibm.com.  For more information about Hope Lodge, visit their web site, http://www.cancer.org/treatment/supportprogramsservices/hopelodge/baltimore/index.

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