Christmas in Crisfield

Help those devastated by Hurricane Sandy in Crisfield, MD.

Christmas in CrisfieldToday the news came out that the federal government is not declaring Crisfield (in Somerset County, MD) severe enough to warrant federal aid for recovery. This is indeed a discouragement to all those who were anticipating federal assistance. But this futher solidfies our resolve as a church to love our neighbors in Crisfield and Somerset County.

Our Christmas in Crisfield project is already underway! There are 4 ways you can help. First and foremost is to PRAY. The other three are listed below.

1.  Give online  (choose “Local Missions” in the drop-down menu).

2.  Go on a recovery team led by Carpenter’s Hands.  Plans are underway right now. Email your interest asap to

3.  Give a Christmas Gift.  Bring a new, unopened, unwrapped gift for a boy or girl, infant through age 18 (gift must be a toy, gadget, etc., NO clothing). Bring gifts to the church lobby on December 8/9 or 15/16. Everything will be delivered to Crisfield on December 17.

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  1. Kent

     /  December 17, 2012

    On Friday, we heard that FEMA had decided to declare the area eligible for aid, based on an appeal by the town, with new information.

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