Thanksgiving & Christmas Giving & Serving

Many of you are asking about places you can serve and/or give to for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. That is wonderful! There’s nothing better than to share with others in need during the holiday season. God uses it in amazing ways to help us see the world and other people the way He does–through eyes of love.

Of course, there are many opportunities. We can not possibly know them all. Rather, we want to recommend the local ministry partners that LifePoint supports! We love them and think they are doing awesome work in our community. So below is a list of some specific opportunities for you to get started. Also be sure to check our complete list of local partners. Feel free to contact them, too!

Alpha Pregnancy Center  410-833-7864
Third Annual Christmas Party. Volunteer your time or purchase gifts for the kids.

New Life for Girls  410-848-136
Give-A-Girl-A-Christmas. Contact for details and a gift buying guide.

Helping Up Mission 410-675-4357
This Thanksgiving, you can feed one of Baltimore’s down and out men for just $2.o5

Cold Weather Homeless Shelter 410-386-6660
Volunteer at the Cold Weather Homeless Shelter or donate items. Contact Lisa Aughenbaugh

Shepherd’s Staff  410-847-5944
Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner, Nov 22. Donate grocery gift cards, cash and food donations.

Remember to check our complete list of local partners, too! Click here.

We’ll also be dedicating our Christmas giving this year to Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts in Crisfield, MD and Staten Island, NY. You’ll hear more about that in church.

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