Hurricane Sandy Update

From the Pastor of Outreach, Joe Paschal:

I have had the humbling privilege of representing LifePoint Church to people that have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. I have been face to face with people in Crisfield, MD, Staten Island, NY and Long Island, NY. They have all been so thankful when they learn that we want to help them. I am thrilled to be a part of a church that quickly responds by putting their love into action! Its interesting that less than one month ago we celebrated the outreach of Risk Love and encouraged everyone to make serving others a lifestyle that goes on 24-7-365.

The insides of homes are now on the outsides—wet piles waiting to be hauled away by dump trucks.

We collected more than two trailers full of donations in just 3 days! We partnered with a flower shop in Mt. Airy that was also collecting needed supplies for hurricane victims. We delivered a load to Crisfield, MD and to Staten Island, NY. However, in the process we learned that while the things we collected will be put to very good use, there are other things they need even more. For example, in Staten Island they need fuel and generators. And as the utility companies make progress, those needs will change. A big need in Crisfield was cleaning supplies and heaters. And as they get the clean up done, their needs will also change.

So what should we do? We have decided that we will collect whatever people bring on the weekend of November 10/11, but we are offically no longer collecting donated supplies. Instead, the most effective way we can help hurricane victims is by giving finacially to them. So we will be accepting financial donations through our offering during church services (write Sandy on your checks) and through giving online on our website.

Where will the funds go? We value the work of the local church. And therefore, we love connecting church to church. We’re still working out some details in Crisfield, but it looks like we can work through Emmanuel Methodist Church. However, in Staten Island, we found Pastor David Biedel of New Hope Community Church right in the middle of the devastation helping people pull themselves together and get the things they need to survive. Pastor David has been doing this in the community even before the hurricane hit. Watch this video to learn more about New Hope’s vision for their commuinty.

Please remember to pray for the people these churches will reach. Pray that they will not only receive the physical things they need, but that they will also feel the love of Jesus and desire to know Him.

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  1. Kent

     /  December 17, 2012

    Asbury United Methodist Church (Crisfield) is extending all manner of hospitality to those visiting to help in the recovery. They have Red Cross cots, a trailer for showers, and their members are feeding teams hot breakfast and dinner over the weekends.

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