Pure Religion

In the first chapter of his letter, James tells us the kind of religion God sees as pure and faultless is when we take care of widows and orphans (James 1:27).

This year, Maticic became a household name for my family. The Maticic family is prayed for regularly at my house, especially by my 6 and 9 year old daughters. Why? Because earlier this year, Becky Maticic lost her husband, and Clayton (5) and Mason (3) lost their dad, Jimmy, after he was in an accident on a 4 wheeler.

Before the accident, Jimmy and Becky had been pursuing their dream together—owning and operating Diamonds Bluff Horse Farm. Suddenly, Becky was left with two young sons and a whole farm to take care of.

Besides the grief that Becky and her sons are working through, the farm needs significant work. This is their family’s livelihood.

Even though Becky and her sons have been trying to adjust to their “new normal”, she still was excited about signing her family up for a Risk Love project this year. When she learned that the church already had plans to make her farm a Risk Love project, she was humbled and thankful.

We’re looking forward to living out James 1:27 this year at Diamonds Bluff Farm. This is one example of the kinds of opportunities still available through Risk Love 2012. If you’re not already registered, please take a look at the projects and sign up today!

If you’re interested in helping at Diamonds Bluff Farm, look for projects titled Farmhouse Makeover and Farm Makeover on the registration page. Click here to register.

– Joe Paschal, Pastor of Mobilization & Outreach

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