Transformation Story from our Rwanda Team

Our team that went to Rwanda this year had an amazing experience. One of the many stories is below. It is an email from one of the translators for our team. She wrote to Tina McGinn, one of the team leaders.

Hi Tina, I would like to send my sincere thanks to you about the miracle God done from the confession prayer during your stay in Rwanda. This week on Friday, i had good time with the women in the Gospel and we hard testimonies from women. “Sonia” is thanking God who changed her heart. During confession period she confessed the sin of beating and harassing her children most often so after few days the children we are wondering what happened to their mother because she is no longer harassing them and time came when her first born who is nine years called her in the house and said mummy I want to ask you what happened to you , you are no longer beating us. The mother said that do you know what , I met a man who confirmed me about my sins and I surrender all my sins and that Man is God. so what has been remaining was to ask forgiveness for my children, so she told her children that she will never do it again and she requested her children to respect their parents so that they become blessed. we ask you also to pray for her husband to walk in line with her wife. Through my counseling the women put into action what I told her and in her testimony she told us that the husband now is accepting to have wedding ceremony and go to church as well as in the movement to have proper agreement of marriage. That is the good news I had for the group and keep us in prayer, I am also having severe pain of the back though taking treatment.

May the almighty God richly bless you.


Praise God for how He uses us when we share the Good News of His love for us! Please remember “Sonia” and Sarah in your prayers. And pray for our partner in Rwanda, Jean Baptiste Mugarura. He is the director of Youth For Christ Rwanda.

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