Cold Weather Shelter Needs Help

We’re looking forward to a great week in October when we let our “love increase and overflow” for the community around us! But don’t let it stop there. What we do during Risk Love should be integrated in our lifestyle all year long—24-7-365!

Right now there is an urgent need in our community at the Cold Weather Shelter which is one of the many needed services offered at Human Services Programs of Carroll County. Many of you are already familiar with the Cold Weather Shelter. We have had individuals and small groups alike serve at the shelter. And we are only one of several churches in the community that volunteer there.

Unfortunately, just as the cold weather is approaching, the shelter has lost  one of the key churches that provided teams 3 nights a week! We can help. We can be the church to the people who need shelter from the cold weather. Here’s the official description:

“Volunteers are needed to serve at the Cold Weather Shelter in Westminster. From November 15th through March 30th the shelter provides a place where the homeless residents of Carroll County can receive a hot meal, shower, do laundry, get clothing, and sleep until 7:00am.  Volunteers are needed from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.  Paid staff are there from 11:00pm to 7:00am.”

If you’re not already connected to the Cold Weather Shelter, you may contact Peter Jones to learn how to get involved. His email is

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  1. Sarah Allen

     /  October 18, 2015

    What are the dates for the Cold Weather Shelter?

  2. Please email for details, thanks!!

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