Making a difference locally!

God has blessed LifePoint Church by connecting us to Northwestern High School. LifePoint’s relationship with Northwestern High School really took off after Risk Love 2010. One of the ongoing elements of our relationship is LifeTalks. LifeTalks is a mentoring program that connects LifePoint volunteers with students at Northwestern. Adrienne Korman leads this ministry.

And now we have an opportunity to make an impact on the whole school! No, we’re not going to mentor every student in the school–although we wish we could. Rather, we’re going to help them improve their facility. The picture in this article shows how desperately the windows need curtains. It may seem like a cosmetic thing of low importance compared to education. However, as you can see on some windows there aren’t any curtains at all. When the sun bears down through those windows in particular, its pretty distracting to the students that sit in the direct, hot sunlight while trying to pay attention to the teacher.

As you can see, there are a lot of windows. So this project is significant. But what a great investment! It will give the appearance from the street a needed facelift, and, more importantly, it will remove one of the distractions from the classrooms. This project will have a lasting impact on the students and the school.

Do you have simple sewing skills? Seamstresses are needed to take home kits of fabric which are cut and ready for simple straight line sewing. Contact if interested.

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