God is moving…Don’t miss it!

Photo Gallery at church highlighting our Global Outreach Partners around the world.

Do you realize what has happened in Global Outreach in one year? Can you remember last summer’s mission teams? There were four. This year, we have six teams in the summer, and we’re currently recruiting for the seventh (but that trip is in December).  If the number of teams is an indicator, then our Global Outreach has nearly doubled in a year!


Is it because of more promotion? Is it because we have an effective strategy? Is it some other steps or special efforts we’ve made? Well…all of those are probably involved at some level. But don’t you think its much bigger than that? I do!

God has called us to go to the ends of the earth to share the story of Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8). We’re obeying that calling. And as we obey Him, His Spirit is moving among the people at LifePoint Church! People are feeling the desire to take leaps of faith and go to far away countries to share the love of Christ. Are you feeling it? Do you sense the excitement at church about reaching out across cultures? I really hope you’re not missing it!

Just today I was reminded of how missions is growing at LifePiont. This morning at church it was exciting to see our Haiti team that just arrived several hours before coming to church! After church, our Carpenter’s Hands team headed out to rehab homes for needy families in Western Pennsylvania. And in the evening, I enjoyed attending an ice cream social where Oscar and Ana Maria Campos were the guests of honor. They are missionaries we partner with in Guatemala. At that event, I ran into Kaylie Sauter, who just returned from Kenya where she’s been for almost 2 years sharing the love of Christ through art to hundreds of kids in the slums of Nairobi.

Today has been just a snapshot of the amazing activity of God’s Spirit at LifePoint Church! Did you know God is moving like this at church? Did you know you can get involved even if you don’t go on a trip? We always, always need prayer! Follow this website, or our Facebook, to stay up to date, and pray for our teams! Do you want to do more? Do you have ideas? Email us at goteam@lifepointchurch.us

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