Believe Big: Our New Local Outreach Partner

In recent months, I have had the privilege of getting to know the Pages. If you haven’t met them yet, look for them at church and introduce yourself! I’m happy to annouce that LifePoint’s Local Outreach ministry is partnering with Believe Big. What is Believe Big? I asked Ivelisse to explain it to us. It all begins with her story…. Ivelisse writes:

Jimmy and I have been a part of the LifePoint family for over 6 years.  We are grateful for a church that is passionate about partnering with individuals to help people find and follow Jesus locally and globally!  We are grateful for a church that supports and encourages individuals to see the needs around them and make a difference in their area of influence.

Here is our story:

When I first heard my cancer diagnosis, I instantly flashed back to when I was 13 years old and my family found out that my dad had cancer.  It was almost eerie as I was diagnosed at the very same age with the very same type of cancer my father had died from.  The tears began to flow, fear began to set in, and the thought of not seeing my four children grow up and growing old with Jimmy was overwhelming.  I was overcome with emotion. 
Some people say that God won’t give us anything we can’t handle, but I believe that He often allows situations that are too much for us to handle – alone.  It’s in these times that we realize how much we need each other and most importantly, our need for God becomes obvious.  And, we learn to trust and rely on the one who created us.

We all have a desire to live.  God placed that desire in each of us and that is why Jimmy and I spent weeks examining scripture passages and books dealing with healing.  We researched every possible anti-cancer approach in hopes of finding a guarantee for healing.  But what we quickly realized was that there were no guarantees for healing in this life.  No one escapes death.  So where was the hope?  We came to a point where we had to answer two questions: “Is God good?” and “Can we trust Him, no matter how it turns out?” We believe the answer to those questions is ‘yes.’

My journey with cancer confirmed in my heart that it is only Jesus that can satisfy all that my soul longs for.  That only God’s word can encourage and remove fear in a way that gives a peace that surpasses all understanding.  That in Christ we are overcomers and that nothing is impossible for him who believes!  The great news is that by God’s grace I won my battle with stage IV colon cancer and I am completely cancer free!

Through this cancer journey we discovered that even though Jimmy had spent over 20 years in the health prevention and wellness industry, it was still extremely difficult to find reliable resources that addressed healing for the whole person – physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  Because of this, Jimmy and I founded Believe Big ( in 2011.

Believe Big is standing in the gap today by providing patients and their family’s tools and resources needed to be their own advocate for their health. We provide up to date information in one place that has suggested steps on what to do when diagnosed, important questions to ask oncologists, how to find a complementary and alternative doctor that is trained to boost immune function, and how to fight the mental battle using God’s Word.

Believe Big is passionate about encouraging patients and their families to seek God in the midst of their pain. We have been able to bring spiritual and emotional refreshment since 2008 to patients through Believe Mug distributions.  Believe Mugs are hand painted by children and adults within our community and are filled with the “I Will Have No Fear” prayer (you can download for free on our website).  Our prayer is that each time a patient uses their mug, they are reminded to believe that with God all things are possible, that people within their community care about them, and that it brings a smile to their face.

We wanted to take a moment to thank LifePoint for helping us paint Believe Mugs this past year through Risk Love, Girls Weekend Out, JFF, community groups, and even going to The Pottery Loft in Westminster with your family and friends!  Our goal is to be able to encourage over 1,000 patients and their families this year!

Believe Big has some immediate needs and we would love the continued support of our church family.

We are in need of individuals to:

  • Paint Believe Mugs (organize a painting event at your home or at one of our five store locations around Baltimore; see website for locations)
  • Package Believe Mugs in preparation for hospital delivery
  • Prepare boxes to ship Believe Mugs outside of Maryland
  • Purchase Believe Big apparel at or at local stores (Tickled Pink and Artworks & Apparel) where all proceeds will benefit cancer patients in our community
  • Spread the word through Facebook and Twitter
  • Make an online donation of ANY amount to provide wellness grants to patients

For more information about Believe Big please visit our website at  While there, make sure to sign up for email updates to stay informed on how your help is making a difference in our community.

Thank you LifePoint Church, and continue to Believe Big!

Ivelisse and Jimmy Page

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