Update on the Presence Drive

Wow! What a wonderful response of generosity from you, our church family! Remember Joe’s sermons on “Thank-full”? How can we begin to express our gratitude to God our Father? We challenged you to do it by being a presence in our community through sharing out of the overflow of your full hearts.  

And you did!

You’ll hear a little more about it this weekend at church, but just to give you a “sneak peek”…you donated well over 3000 items to people in need in and around our community. The local ministries have come by the church office during the week to pick up the donations. They have been so thankful and wanted us to share their thanks with you.

And lets not forget the volunteers that made this go so smoothly! You know, it takes a lot of volunteers to do all the events at LifePoint Church. We had over 70 volunteers helping in many different ways to make Presence a great way to share with people in need this Christmas. And they had a blast doing it! We LOVE our volunteers.

Thank you for giving this Christmas! You can continue supporting these local ministries throughout the year. Check out our “Local Partners” page for more info.

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