Presence donation drive is underway!

It was exciting to kick off the Presence donation drive this Saturday and Sunday! We thought we had printed enough gift labels, but we were wrong! And that’s a great problem to have. So before the second service on Sunday, we printed more. That’s all a great example of your generous hearts. Thank  you for being “grate-full” and sharing with those in need.

See the previous post to check out the ministries we’re helping and the items we’re collecting. If you have questions please call the church office.

Be a Presence in our community this Christmas

Be a presence in our region by providing much needed supplies for our neighbors. After weekend services on Nov. 26/27 or Dec. 3/4, pick up a gift label in the lobby from one or more of the organizations of your choice.

Return your donation to the lobby with the label attached by December 11.

Alpha Pregnancy Center
• Baby socks     • Onesies     • Bibs     • Rattles     • Small toys     • Baby blankets
• Baby bottles     • Diapers     • Wipes    • Baby formula     • Toys for older children

Carroll Food Sunday

• Pop tarts     • Cereal     • Oatmeal     • Pancake mix     • Syrup
• Cereal bars     • Granola bars

Blessings Closet
• Paper towels     • Toilet paper     • Laundry powder (not liquid)
• Dish soap (16 oz)     • Shampoo (22-30 oz)     • Pine Sol (25-28oz)

Helping Up Mission
• Men’s underwear (L/XL/XXL)     • Shampoo
• Razors (double/triple edge)     • Bar soap

Carroll Human Services
(Neighbors in Need Holiday Shop,Cold Weather Shelter)
• Men’s gloves     • Men’s underwear (L/XL/XXL)
• Women’s underwear (L/XL/XXL)     • 3x/4x men’s sweatshirts
• 3x/4x women’s sweatshirts     • Blankets     • Towels
• Large cans of coffee     • Powdered creamer     • Sugar

Good News Prison Ministry
• Provide an inmate in the detention center with a Recovery Bible. Cost per Bible: $8.

Northwestern High School

• Reward a Northwestern student for completing service hours with a movie card.
Cost per card: $10.

Leadership Opportunities!

We’re looking for two Country Leaders for the Global Outreach Team!
We need a Guatemala Country Leader and a Haiti Country Leader. These are ongoing volunteer leader positions. If  you’re interested you can get a job description and application by emailing

Outreach Principles

Did you know there are 6 principles that guide everything we do in Outreach at LifePoint Church?  Think of it this way: at LifePoint, we have a mission. Influencing people to find and follow Jesus. That mission is an overall guiding principle for everything we do at LifePoint. Flowing out of that misson are the Vision and the Values. And coming from those we derive the 6 Outreach Principles. So it all connects!

The Outreach Principles

  1. Image Bearers:  Every human being is created in the image of God and therefore deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. Reconciliation:  None of us are perfect, but Jesus Christ’s sacrifice reconciles us to God and makes it possible for us to be reconciled to
    one another.  We can learn much about ourselves and our God through other people (other generations, ethnicities, cultures, and socio-economic groups).  So we should always approach outreach with a humble spirit, willing to learn serve, and be served.
  3. Holistic Ministry:  Compassionate outreach should care for the whole person: spiritually and  physically.
  4. Local Christian Leadership:  Engagement with local Christ centered leadership (churches, NGO’s, etc.) is one of the keys to sustainable change.  Whether in a local community in the US or a village in an African country, we seek to always work with or develop the local church and/or local leadership.
  5. Relationship:  Ministry is best when done in the context of trusting relationships and community.  Establishing trusting relationships takes time and often sacrifice. We are ambassadors of Christ and of LifePoint and the relationships we develop in the communities we touch must honor both.
  6. Stewardship:  Our church is richly blessed in talents and treasure.  We seek to be wise stewards of God’s blessings as we are intentional about our outreach ministry plans and goals and fiscally responsible with our finances.

Welcome to the new LifePoint Outreach Blog

This is the place to find out what’s going on in Outreach at LifePoint Church.

So if you’re looking for Legacy Orphan Ministry, Local Outreach or Global Outreach, you’ve come to the right place.

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